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I’ve had these headphones so long the rubber in them is beginning to crumble and dry rot. 

I’m gonna have to buy new headphones. 

This pair lasted me, like, 4 years, maybe more.

My foundations are crumbling (like my headphone rubber)

Vern’s post about Albert Fish fans reminded me of this fucked up dream I had:

Albert Fish wanted to rent a room in my house. My parents agreed. I was like “DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO ALBERT FISH IS?” and after he moved in the house got infested with fucking spiders. Like, you couldn’t move without touching cobwebs, spiders of literally all shapes and sizes all throughout the house.

Because I didn’t trust the fucking serial killer living in my house, I spied on Albert Fish and found out he was a spider-monster in human skin (like the Edgar-suit in Men in Black) but nobody believed me when I said so. Everyone wanted to think he was just a kindly old man. 

So I decided I was gonna kill him with my machete, but then I woke up before that happened.

So I’ve been watching a lot of Dexter by-proxy (i.e. Sam’s been watching Dexter so I’ve been absorbing it just by being around it)

Honestly the best thing about the show is the score.

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